Welcome to Capital Lines & Signs.

We consider the employment of every individual to be an important factor in building the strength of our organisation. We also believe each employee of Capital Lines & Signs carries a responsibility for the reputation and success of this organisation. You become an intracycle part of our team.

We hope that as an employee of Capital Lines & Signs you will become an enthusiastic and valuable member of our team. At Capital Lines & Signs we are committed to safety, quality & ethical behaviour. This commitment is possible because all employees regardless of their position in the company follow the highest standards which have been set out by past and present team members.

Training with Capital Lines & Signs

Employee Training and Development is highly considered within Capital Lines & Signs. Our training program was built from ground up through a lengthy process ensuring an effective and productive team with the ability to continue to develop their skills in the working field. This is due to having industry qualified staff, the latest technologies and relevant equipment on hand, with qualified partners onboard who share our passion and vision for the industry.

Employment at Capital Lines & Signs

Capital Lines & Signs view employees as the backbone of our company, recognising the importance in up skilling and maintaining employee qualification levels.

We are always looking for skilled professionals to join our expert team of line marking and sign manufacturing specialists! Sounds like you, please get in touch by emailing us your resume to HR@Linesign.com.au