Capital Lines & Signs Pty Ltd ABN 87 125 069 810

Quotation/Rates are:

  1. Interpretation in these terms
      - "company" means Capital Lines and Signs
      -  "customer" means the purchaser of goods and services from the company
      -  "goods and services" mean all goods and services sold and/or delivered/installed by the company to the customer
      -  "terms" means these terms and conditions of sale
  2. Capital Lines & Signs quotation is based on the information contained in the Specifications, the drawings& email supplied by the customer, materials complying with the requirements of the above documents and manufacturers specifications at time of quotation
  3. This quote is based on full payment of the work at time of completion and that retention or security does not apply.
  4. Prior to commencement of any variation to the works, Capital Lines & Signs require any signed authorisation specifying the work to be carried out. Variations will be charged at the standard rate(s).
  5. All quoting includes a site induction specific to Capital Lines & Signs quoted price of maximum than 20 minutes for any crew. Inductions greater than 20 minutes will incur additional cost of a minimum $75.00 per man hour. This will be applied to the invoiced bill for work completed.
  6. Capital Lines & Signs have allowed for work to be carried out between the normal working hours of 7.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday, except for public holidays and rostered days off. Surcharge rate for hours worked outside the normal hours of work, Saturday and Sunday will apply.
  7. Set out of markings for new work has not been included in the above-mentioned rates (3).
  8. Eradication of markings: The Company cannot guarantee that any damage will occur or be held liable for if minimal damage does occur: The client has the option to cease works if they are not entirely satisfied with the results by mutual agreement.
  9. Pavement markings should be deferred from being applied on new Pavements for a minimum of 3 —4weeks after the new pavement is completed. The company will not warrant any Pavement Markings that Capital Lines & Signs are directed to apply prior to this period.
  10. Pavement markings on concrete are not guaranteed due to non-warranted curing agents used to cure the concrete additionally the age of the concrete is a consideration.
  11. Capital Lines & Signs have assumed that the ground conditions are suitable for all line marking &soft earth installations of signage of the type shown in this quotation. Ground conditions requiring specialist treatments e.g. rock hammer have not been included. Coring of concrete or paved areas, Price on Application.
  12. The company have only made allowance within the company quotation for direct buried standard tubular signposts (No frangible or structures) unless noted otherwise.
  13. The company have assumed that the blade only signs can be erected onto existing utility posts or signposts.
  14. The company will complete this works order as soon as possible. No responsibility is accepted when delays occur due to circumstances that are beyond the control of the company.
  15. On completion of work, crews will measure the quantity of markings applied and will assess the quantity and type of signs installed. A company invoice will be submitted based on those quantities and at the rates shown on the Schedule of Rates.
  16. All goods, whether in store or incorporated into other work shall remain the property of Capital Lines & Signs until payment is received in full.
  17. The customer acknowledges that no employee or agent of the company has any right to make representations, warranty or promise in relation to goods and services or sale of the goods and services, other than as contained in these terms and conditions.
  18. Establishment charges may be applicable to cover costs to Capital Lines & Signs.
  19. The company price is based on costs current at the stated date and is subject to rise with variations to company costs.
  20. Before rendering a tax invoice, Capital Lines & Signs will require the customer's Australian Business Number (ABN). If you are not required to have an ABN under law, Capital Lines & Signs will require your full address for service of notices and complete accounts details request form.
  21. All terms of payment are 14 calendar days from date of invoice and all payments for goods and services are to be made without retention.
  22. Late payments for all goods and services will be subject to interest on the outstanding amount at the rate for 90-dayBank Bills published in the Australian Financial Review plus 5% calculated from the due date until the amount is paid in full.
  23. To enable work to commence, please confirm online/in writing of your acceptance of Capital Lines & Signs Schedule of Rates by accepting our Rates you are accepting our Terms and Conditions.
  24. This quotation is valid for 90 days from the quotation date.