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Site Establishment Chargers are:

  1. Capital Lines & Signs establishment charges apply to administer and supply of required documentation, loading of job specific materials and equipment, and costs related to crew travel to site. Where multiple processes demand different crews and equipment, establishment costs may vary.
  2. Individual project/job establishment fees are charged for continuous work on consecutive working days. Delays for sites/work not ready, part days or segregated work days incur additional establishment fees. Additional fees are only charged when issues are within control of client, client's representative or site management (not rain) or as otherwise agreed.
  3. Delays and unforeseen waiting times by Capital Lines & Signs personnel and equipment caused by reasons beyond company control (excluding equipment breakdown and inclement weather) is not allowed for. Such waiting time will be charged at the rate of $75.00 per man hour. These charges allow personnel and equipment associated with these operations, but do not allow for special conditions or additional personnel caused by specific site requirement.
  4. Where application of product results in overbuild of materials (> 6mm), or delamination of existing material becomes evident, or existing material is not compatible, then (per industry practice) removal of existing material is mandatory prior to new application at additional cost unless specifically listed in quotation or mutual agreement.
  5. Confirmation of’ surface types, including curing compounds/sealers, prior to establishment on site, for example, some surfaces may require additional preparation or cure time. Note that for optimum life of products matching materials to surface, traffic volume, alignment and purpose is critical. Generally, no product fulfils all performance requirements, (thermoplastic is not necessarily the ultimate road marking material). Adhesion may not be guaranteed on some surfaces due to compatibility issues, due to the unpredictable nature of concrete surfaces, therefore, adhesion is not guaranteed.
  6. The company will assume that the pavement will be free from defects that may affect the adhesion or performance of the marking materials used by the company on the site. Additionally, the company will assume that the pavement marking locations shall be clean, dry and free of loose material before works commence. In both instances unless otherwise advised.
  7. Capital Lines & Signs site clearance is limited to a light hand broom/blower of surface. Site will not be accepted for marking, if dirty, wet, or any concrete/mud slurry or other disturbance is evident. In the event that the client's site representative insists on proceeding when surface or conditions are unsuitable, a legal release supplied by Capital Lines & Signs will be required to be signed indemnifying Capital Lines & Signs for any resulting failures (not withstanding other warranties or provisions). Waiting time will be charged for sites not ready for making, or cleaning fees when instructed as such by site representative.
  8. Unless otherwise stated, the company will assume that the site is able to be accessed by the standard machines/motor vehicles operated by Capital Lines& Signs appropriate for the purpose of the works
  9. CL&S will assume that the company personnel will be given clear access to all work points as required to enable completion of the work without delay.
  10. In situations where street lighting or other illumination is inadequate the client shall provide at their cost, position and maintain sufficient temporary lighting to allow the safe execution of works. Lighting shall not interfere with, or be detrimental to the line marking operators' sight or access for set out and marking of works or in any other way compromise the Work Health and Safety outcomes of all parties.
  11. Capital Lines & Signs recognises that in certain workplace circumstances that the client acknowledges the need for Capital Lines & Signs work teams to be exposed to confined spaces. Once mutually agreed, the client will meet all associated costs and further will comply with Section 274 of the Work Health and Safety Act (WHS Act) in relation to the risks associated with confined spaces in workplaces.
  12. Capital Lines & Signs is accredited with the Painting Contractors Certification Program as required by RMC R141.1.4 Accreditation No PP-D033 Certification No 154.